Operation and Activities of Subud

The group, region, national and level events or gatherings are held throughout a year in order to meet the members' needs.
There are Subud Organisations to support latihan in more than 70 countries all over the world and there are more than 10,000 active members.
The activities to assist members to express their talents are implemented through the related organisations for culture, enterprise and health called "Wing."

Structure and Operation of Subud Organisation

The Subud organisation to support latihan consists of the Subud members who have already opened and are doing latihan and is democratically operated. There is no hierarchy in Subud and neither administrators nor leaders. In Subud, the helpers who are in charge of spiritual matters and the committee members who are in charge of worldly matters cooperate and work like the two wheels of a cart. The helpers' role is to explain the candidate members about Subud, open new Subud members and visit sick persons to do latihan together. The committee's role is to reserve facilities for latihan, convey news to members, publish Bapak's talks, do finaincial business, prepare for a national congress, etc. Although they work in group, region, national and international level for both helpers and committee members, these positions are equal, meaning no one is promoted to a higher position nor have more authority. Their term is two years or 4 years. (Note: Group helpers do not have limited terms." All of the members are working on a voluntary basis.


Finance of Subud

The activity expenses are run by voluntary donation from members. Although members have an obligation to cooperate financially, applicants are not refused to join Subud nor attend latihan because they cannot make any donation. We don't ask for a fixed enrollment fee or membership fee. Everyone can decide how much he/she donate to the best of his/her ability. The budget of the organisation is decided according to the members' general will and the financial situation is reported in detail. The committee members who are in charge of operating the organisation try to operate within the voluntary donation. If it is difficult to operate the organisation within the limited voluntary donation, they sometimes ask for special donation to members.