How to Become a Subud Member and Join the Latihan?
You must be opened to do the latihan as a Subud member. Those who can be opened must be more than 17 years old. In principle, thereis 3 month waiting period from the time you express your intention that you want to experience the latihan and applied for becoming a member. Then, you are opened.

During the waiting period, you will be familiar with the helpers who explain about latihan and get the necessary information from them about the purpose and meaning of Subud. This is why there is a 3 month waiting period. This period is very important. Otherwise, you might not enough understand the meaning of Subud and feel that Subud is not something as you expected.

Flow from Application to Opening
If you interested in latihan, contact us described in "Contact Us" page. If you have not yet to join Subud and just want to talk about Subud, please tell us your intention. We will explain you about Subud in Subud Centre or nearby group.

While you apply for a member and wait for 3 month, you can talk with Subud members and ask questions of them. After that you will be opened and join Subud.

In principle, you will join group latihan twice a week if possible after you become a Subud member.